Site Management

Who manages your website?
Site management includes:
Uploading and Optimizing Content
Addressing Support Issues
Fixing Unforeseen Problems
Tweaking the Site
Updating the platform
Patching the operating systems
Clearing system cache
Maintaining a firewall
Optimizing and fixing your database
Securing your mail server and preventing spam

All websites are built on software, using an operating system that is always evolving and improving. Regardless of what platform you build on, one thing is certain. It will need to be updated.  In fact you know your software is obsolete when there are no longer releases. This does not mean that you need a new site; just you may not have the latest features needed for a modern a site.
No matter where you host, you can be assured that when Netalytical is on the job, you have all the information you need to make a decision. We will inform you of when you need to update the platform or when your OS needs a security patch. Of course that is all taken care when you host with Netalytical, but we empower you to choose where you host your site
No matter where you host, you will need server management.

Content on a site will always change. It is the most important aspect of your site. It needs to be fresh and optimized for the search engines (SEO)
For example this site will change on a weekly basis. We will modify content, add new features and remove what is not driving success. By tracking how people interact with a site, where they go and how much time they spend on a page, a conclusion can be drawn on how to always improve.

We believe in continuous improvement. Your site should always evolve. Pages modified and tested to see what works and what does not.

Do not just set and forget a site.

Netalytical can manage your site or create a program for your staff to manage one of a companies biggest asstes.

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