Server Management

A website has to be hosted on a computer somewhere that has access to the Internet. You can host in your own office or with a hosting company.

When hosting with a company you can choose between:
Shared Hosting- Your site is on a server with many other websites. Not very secure, usually low cost and quite slow. You may also be limited to how you can configure your environment.
Virtual Private Server- You get an entire server to yourself. But you are sharing the machine with other servers. This is a great solution with companies on a tight budget. While it is fairly secure, you server can be affected by other servers on the machine.
Dedicated Server-  A machine that is exclusively yours. You have further options, but you can configure every aspect to meet your exact needs
    Co-Location – You actually own your machine (or rent one). You can do anything you want. Often the hosting company will make hardware changes for you for a fee.
    Managed Server- The company will configure the machine to your specs, usually for a fee.
Cloud Server- A machine that only exists in RAM, but is backed up by a hard drive copy.

Servers- What is a server?
A server can be the actual hardware (What we call Bare Metal or the box) or the software.
Your website relies on the following software servers
1.    Web
2.    Mail
3.    DNS
4.    Database
5.    Firewall
6.    Load Balancing
7.    Proxy

The webserver is a program that sits on a computer that your website exists one. Most sites use IIS (Microsoft) and Apache (Linux and Unix). However there are other webservers like Lighttp, Nginx. You can also run Apache on Windows

Is it optimized for your needs? Can you grow with it?
No matter where you get your hosting from, including our solutions, the server will be configured to a generic version.  To get the most from a server it should be optimized to meet your criteria. Our own solutions are designed for each platform, but even within a platform needs are different.
Factors that affect configuration:
    What it occurs
    Is it local or global
    What type of content
    Are the users logging in

 Do you need PCI compliance
What are the needs of the database
Are you sending a lot of transactional emails.

All these are important questions that need to be addressed.

Let Netalytical handle this as we have the expertise.

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